Our activities

Market research

Are you looking for new markets to export your products, services or machinery and to expand your business?
Do you want to find reliable suppliers, with a good value for money, to buy technologies, raw materials or products?
If you need to have all the necessary information, before starting a commercial action in Europe or the Middle East, you can contact us.
We have many years of experience in different sectors: we carry out market researches and we find potential local partners, thanks to our local contacts and relationships

Business Development

We have always continued to work and maintain our relationships all these years, even during the hardest sanctions, and for this reason we are able to introduce local companies to the largest number of qualified foreign interlocutors.
If you are looking for a reliable agent who best represents your company and your product, for a distributor, a partner or a supplier, you can send us an email and you will be contacted.
We create solid foundations for the start of negotiations and consequent commercial, technological and industrial collaborations, destined to last a long time


Our company and our team help and assist companies throughout the process of approaching the market of interest and supports them in all phases, both before and after the commercial one.
We speak several languages and have different technical and commercial skills.
The work carried out in recent years guarantees us the full trust of government bodies, public, private and parastatal institutions and associations.
You can count on complete support: from the fulfillment of bureaucratic and legal procedures, to the organization of transport and the execution of payments