Business Development


Increase business relationships

After the market research done by our organization for the company that wishes to develop its business abroad, in the market and in the sector of interest, I-Pars takes care of market development.
We take care of all stages of development: from the identification and selection of potential partners to the initiation of real negotiations up to the creation of lasting commercial or industrial collaboration relationships.
Our company is able to introduce and present to our client companies the largest number of qualified local interlocutors from the public, semi-state and private sectors, previously filtered.
Among these, we are then able to select the best partners, together with the client company.
Discover the OPPORTUNITIES for your company!

Our offices are also available to local and foreign companies that may need an operational and representative base in the foreign territory, thus allowing to establish a relationship of trust with local companies.

These are some examples of the best models for market development abroad:

  1. Direct sale to end customers;
  2. Agency or distribution mandate;
  3. Import/export of goods (semi-finished or finished products) and raw materials;
  4. Transfer of technology and know-how;
  5. Identification of a partner to start an assembly activity;
  6. Establishment of a company in Joint Venture;
  7. Opening of a new company or a production plant (direct investment, FDI).