Business Development


Increasing trade

I-Pars, an active business development company in Italy, Europe, Iran and the Middle-East, carries out initially an activity of “business scouting”, that is a first market research.

After this research, if there have been positive results, I-Pars will work on the business development for the foreign company.
We are able to introduce your company to many private qualified, semipublic and public European, Italian and Iranian companies, establishing the conditions for market development.

We handle all the different phases of the development: from the initial negotiations to the establishment of long term collaboration relationships, both in sales or manufacturing.
This means building, day by day, a relationship of trust with the clients or partners.
It’s unthinkable to start, continue and consolidate a business in Europe, Iran or in the Middle-East without an active and constant presence on the territory.

Our offices in Europe, Italy and Iran are at complete disposal for your needs and your business meetings.
Our clients will so have an operative and representative base, with the right to insert it in their own company profile and website.

I-Pars, after a first phase of thorough analysis will be able to suggest the best model of business development for the foreign client, thanks to the following procedures:

  1. Agency or distribution mandate, with or without exclusivity;
  2. Direct assignment to Import/Export;
  3. Assistance in the phases of: planning and execution of a delocalization strategy, that is the establishment of a production plant, internationalization and search for local partners to found a company in Joint-Venture;
  4. Assistance in goods and raw material imports, from Iran to the EU and viceversa.