The first step to enter the market

Our market research, tailored to the company and the relative sector of expertise, is very important: whether your goal is to expand your business and increase sales volumes or to find reliable local suppliers and partners for a long-term collaboration it is first necessary to collect and select the relevant elements and information in order to make the best decisions.
Market research in fact aims to understand what are the real and concrete possibilities for your company: the breadth of the target market, the prices applied and applicable, the distribution channels, the stakeholders, the potential partners and the positioning of any competitors.
Discover the OPPORTUNITIES for your company!

I-Pars, a company active and qualified in the collection and selection of commercial information relating to potential customers, agents, distributors and suppliers, is a point of reference for many Middle Eastern and European companies, with many years of experience in the field and contacts on the territory.

We can also provide initial information for various sectors regarding:

  1. Incentives, tenders and concessions for export, assembly and local production;
  2. Establishment of branches, representative offices and local companies;
  3. Legislation and protection of foreign investments (FDI);
  4. Public and private contracts;
  5. Industrial and intellectual property (trademark and patent registration);
  6. Import/export regulations (prohibitions and duties);
  7. Transportation;
  8. Payment channels;
  9. Credit recovery.