Business Scouting

PHASE ONE: research

Business Scouting: market research

I-Pars, is an active and qualified operator in the “business scouting” field, that is in market research, potential clients or distributors we are a reference: active, with experience and contacts in Iranian territory.
It’s necessary to obtain as much information as possible and establish an initial network of contacts.

I-Pars work starts with a tailored market research for foreign companies in order to enter and start a sales network in Iran and the Middle-East, or that wants to find a supplier, raw materials, brands or products.
The aim could be to increase sales or to find a local and trustworthy partner.

Our partners and consultants have developed throughout the years specific skills in consultancy, such as market research and assisting European companies in their phase of internationalization therefore being able to offer:

  1. Information relative to the macroeconomic scenario and the most relevant indicators in the Islamic Republic of Iran;
  2. Suggestions regarding the most appropriate territorial and strategic marketing strategies;
  3. Advice on identifying and selecting the most efficient market entry strategies.

We can also offer a specific market research finalized to offer general information about different industries, in the following fields:

  1. Laws and regulations regarding tax and financial benefits, as well as all the other benefits and incentives to companies, also in accordance to eventual agreements between Italy and the Islamic Republic of Iran or between the later and the EU;
  2. The establish of branches, Representation offices and the company foundation;
  3. Work legislations and labour detachment overseas, concession legislations;
  4. The private and public tender legislations;
  5. Currency laws and legislations and the different means of payment;
  6. Accounting;
  7. Industrial and intellectual properties (brand and patent registrations)
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