Tailor-made solutions

Our organization is able to offer a complete support in Italy (Europe) and in the Middle East (mainly Iran and Afghanistan).
I-Pars allows foreign companies to have a high-level business experience, offering maximum collaboration in the various countries where we operate, always putting ourselves on the side of the entrepreneur or management who must take commercial action abroad to help and support them during all stages of market development.

A serious, reliable and helpful partner with a long and in-depth knowledge of the economic and cultural dynamics of the country of interest and with many years of experience in the management of complexities related to internationalization.
Discover the OPPORTUNITIES for your company!

Our assistance and advice, in addition to what has already been written about the whole commercial part, includes:

  1. Organization of delegations and business trips (paperwork, visas, business meetings);
  2. Fairs and events (travels, hotels, exhibition spaces, promotional material, translation and interpreting);
  3. Analysis and evaluation of dual use components and products prohibited or with access restrictions in the different countries;
  4. Transport, customs procedures and inspections;
  5. Legal assistance;
  6. Payments and credit recovery.