Delegation from Afghanistan visiting Italy

An important delegation of 15 Afghan entrepreneurs visited Italy, invited and accompanied by I-Pars.
Visit to the Imola racetrack where the entrepreneurs tested three Automobili Lamborghini cars and a Dtm European championship race car, in the presence of local and regional authorities.
Entrepreneurs active in different sectors (food and beverage, agriculture, construction and construction, pharmaceutical and medical, woodworking, packaging, plastic and pipe production) then participated in the ‘Farete’ fair organized by Confindustria Emilia, where they met numerous Italian companies

Delegation from Iran: agreements signed

Seven agreements were signed by a delegation of over 40 Iranian entrepreneurs from various sectors – with turnover even higher than one billion euros – on the occasion of a visit organized by I-Pars.
The managers and entrepreneurs also participated in the two days of the “Farete” fair in Bologna organized by Confindustria Emilia.
The Iranians were shown the new Curti Spa helicopter and the electric Formula 3 of Sei Sistemi.
The entrepreneurs were then able to ride on the track with a professional driver on the BMW safety car and drive a Ferrari 488 GTB.
The delegation was also a guest of the Third Flight Department of the Bologna State Police

I-Pars and Gitra bring Italian cuisine abroad

The week of Italian cuisine is an opportunity to promote the excellence of our territories around the world.
I-Pars and Gitra ( each year organize, together with Italian diplomacy abroad and client and sponsor companies, cultural and culinary events that are very successful.
With the collaboration of the Embassy of Italy in Tbilisi, the Italian chefs Marco Colleoni (Michelin star) and Umberto Cavina held up the Italian flag at the Republic Restaurant, in the presence of the Georgian Minister of Economy

Visit of Mr Gasparri
President of Confindustria Emilia
Imola delegation

The visit of Marco Gasparri, CEO of Aepi, President of the Montecatone Foundation and President of the Imola Delegation of Confindustria Emilia, strengthened the friendship between Italy and Iran.
Among the numerous meetings he also met Mr Marashi, former Vice President of Iran, and Mr Nematzadeh, former Minister of Labor and three times Minister of Industry, now Advisor to the Minister of Oil.
We met with representatives of Italian diplomacy, the Chambers of Commerce of Tehran and Iran and then with local companies active in the automation, robotics, health and medical sectors.
We visited the construction sites of the new neurosurgery research center and the plants of the second largest production unit in the world for the production of pasta where there are many Made in Italy machineries

Italian cuisine in Iran

Event organized by I-Pars and Desita at the Espinas Palace hotel in Tehran, on the occasion of the week of Italian cuisine in the world, together with the Embassy of Italy.
Seminar dedicated to the world of food, hospitality and catering and gala dinner organized by Chefs Colleoni (Michelin Star) and Cavina with over 120 guests.
Event organized in collaboration with: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Ministry of University Education and Research, Ministry of Economic Development, ICE, CONI, Union Chambers and Asso Chambers of Foreign Affairs

I-Pars delegation at the Farete fair

The Iranian delegation led by I-Pars visiting the Farete fair organized in Bologna by Confindustria Emilia was the most numerous among those present.
Over twenty-five entrepreneurs, CEOs, general managers and export managers of important Iranian companies visited Bologna.
These companies mainly in the automotive, manufacturing, heavy industry, innovation and packaging sectors with significant turnover have expressed interest in various Italian production companies that they visited together with I-Pars, with the fundamental collaboration of Confindustria Emilia and Unindustria Imola

Foreign delegation visiting the Enzo and Dino Ferrari racetrack

Iranians, like Italians, have great passions and that for cars is one of the greatest.
I-Pars therefore organized, together with IF (Imola-Faenza tourism company) and the management of the Enzo and Dino Ferrari international racetrack, a visit by an Iranian delegation to the Imola circuit and a visit to the exhibition on Formula 1 “Imola ’50. At the origins of the myth”.
They were then taken to the Lamborghini museum and visited the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese

Gala dinner between Italy and Iran after the nuclear deal

A gala dinner, on the occasion of the Tehran Food & Bev fair, in the splendid restaurant on the 26th floor of the Azadi hotel.
Event organized by I-Pars, in collaboration with Confindustria Emilia and with the AEPI company of Marco Gasparri, President of the Unindustria Imola delegation and board member of Confindustria Emilia.
Over twenty Italian companies participated together with the Italian Embassy, ​​ICE, Alitalia and several important members of Iranian government, private and industrial institutions.
Present among the Iranians: Mr Marashi (Former Vice President of the Republic of Iran), Mr Espahbodi (Vice Minister of Industry and Chairman of the Board of the International Fair), Mr Jamali (Director General of OIETAI), Mr Alizadeh (CEO Mahan ), Mr Sanati (General Manager Kerman Development Organization).
Among the Italians: Mauro Conciatori (Italian Ambassador), Carmelo Ficarra (Councilor of Legation – Italian Embassy), Vincenzo Russo Spena (First Secretary – Italian Embassy), Tony Corradini (Deputy Director of ICE), Lucio Rigo (Alitalia Area Manager)