What we do

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What we do

It is the first of our services
I-Pars’ work starts with a tailored market research for foreign companies in order to enter and start a sales network in Iran and the Middle-East or in Europe.
We can help you finding a supplier, some raw materials, new brands or products.
The aim could be to increase sales or to find a local and trustworthy partner.
It’s necessary to obtain as much information as possible and establish an initial network of contacts in order to evaluate the realistic possibilities for foreign companies: suitable prices, distribution channels, potential clients, partners and, of course, the competitors.
I-Pars is an active and qualified operator in the “business scouting” field both in Iran and in Europe: in market research, potential clients or distributors we are a reference.
Active, with experience and contacts

It is the second of our services
I-Pars is able to continue working, in Iran and in Europe, for the foreign company developing their business.
We are able to introduce your company to many private qualified, semipublic and public companies in Iran, Middle East and Europe.
This is possible because we are established in Iran, in Tehran, and in Italy (Bologna).
Our collaborators and consultants have dual nationality and speak different languages: Italian, Farsi and English.
Working directly in Iran and Italy increases the possibility to establish a relationship of trust with the management of the counterparties.
Our offices are at complete disposal for work needs and business meetings.
Our clients will so have an operative and representative base in Iran, Middle East and Europe with the right to insert them in their own company profile and website

It is the third of our services in Iran, Middle East and in Europe: I-Pars is able to offer full technical and organizational support, both directly and indirectly thanks to our partners present on the foreign territories.
Our consultants and agents our both Italian, European and Iranian citizens with dual nationality.
We manage: Exhibitions (booking stands, trips, hotel, promotional merchandise, assistance and translations); Analysis and evaluation of dual use products and forbidden products or with restricted access to the nations; Assistance with customs documentation and inspections (quality control); Transport, custom’s fees and goods stocking; Visa assistance; After sales assistance; B2B encounters; Legal, Financial and payments assistance

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