About us

Iran and Europe united in success



An European company which wants to enter the Iranian market with a strategy to expand the market can refer to I-Pars. I-Pars is a qualified operator in market research, distribution with or without exclusivity agreements, finding partners, supply raw materials and local products, with many years of experience and many contacts established in Iran



I-Pars works to introduce foreign companies to the greatest Iranian and Middle-East companies (suppliers, final consumers, distributors or potential partners). We aim to create the preconditions for successful negotiations and collaborations, sales and manufacturing, destined to a long term relationship



Our collaborators and consultants are European and Iranian citizens with dual nationality, great professionals with demonstrated trust. Our clients can count on I-Pars support for several business issues: technical, sales, legal, administrative and financial support is offered


I-Pars is a consultancy company.
We work in Iran, in ancient Persia, in Tehran.
A great nation with 80 million inhabitants in a potential market of 400 million of consumers:
there are many confining nations which supply from Iran.
Our company headquarters are in the capital city, Tehran.
The population of this metropolis varies from 8 to 14 million people.

We collaborate with the ICE agency,
the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy and Consulate.
We also have the mandate of the Confindustria Emilia:
Confindustria is the major representation association of manufacturing and service companies in Italy.

We are a very active and dynamic team.
We offer different services:
Business scouting (market research and research for potential clients, suppliers and distributers),
Business development (initial contracting, business expansion and market consolidation) and technical support.

In our team there are professionals who speak Italian, Persian (Farsi) and English.

We have the trust and respect of many State, government
and semipublic Iranian organizations and also many excellent connections in private companies.